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The MixUp

Only 10 Spots Available

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Your First Mix is on us!

Do you have a demo that needs some polish?

Do you have a track you produced in GarageBand?

Do you have a single or album in your sights?

We're accepting 10 applications to have one song mixed. On the house. 

You won't be charged until you want to release it in any format.

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Why is this free?

As musicians ourselves, we know this can be a sketchy first step before you invest in your song or album release.

We are confident in the work we do, we love new projects, and this is always a great way to earn trust with our clients.

What we'll use

We're not afraid to say that our control room is DIALLED. Professionally engineered mixing studio with floating floors and great gear to create an accurate and amazing listening environment. 

  • Universal Audio Convertors + DSP

  • UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Softube, Izotope

  • Yamaha NS10M, Neumann, KRK monitors

What best describes your track

Transmission received.

We'll get in touch shortly.

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Who are we?

We are the Garfield Sound Labs.


Saskatoon’s OG Recording + Rehearsal Facility.

Our full-time, multi-artist rehearsal space combined with a full-service professional audio production, editing, mixing and recording studio provides artists and musicians, the space to experiment, GET LOUD, write, rehearse, record and release projects of all shapes and sizes.

The MixUp

Only 10 Spots Available

Don't Miss Out!


1-1607 Garfield St 

Saskatoon, SK


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