But Don't Actually Touch Them, Though.

Despite living 6ft apart from one another, the thought of holding on to your friends might land at a slightly different angle these days.

One thing is for sure—I'm excited that Kaye & Co. have decided to dust off one of my personal faves with a remastered version of "Hold on to Your Friends" aimed at all streaming platforms. Well done fellas!

From left to right: Niall Cubbon (Drums, Purveyor of Spontaneous Moustaches), Carson Kaye (Lead vocals, Guitar), and Spencer Rayner (Bass, Recording/Mix Engineer) have been long-time resident artists at the Garfield Sound Labs. I have had the pleasure of recording, jamming and getting to know this hard-working band of talent.

These guys literally have the chops to go as far as the musical universe will allow. Songs like this are a clear example of their potential. It's BIG, it's SHINY and the TUNE will be stuck in your head after 1 or 2 listens. It's reminiscent of a no-frills late 90s gem. Dare I say Big Wreck-ish? See for yourself and LMK if you catch a similar vibe.

Kaye & Co. have recently released their latest single "Heartbreaker" and are currently working on a future release among other exciting things.

As a frequent fly-on-the-wall at the Garfield Sound Labs, I can tell you these dudes just keep getting better and are crafting something amazing for the masses.

Stay tuned to their channels as things start to unravel!

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