we make music happen.


Garfield Sound Labs (GSL) is a multi-studio recording and rehearsal facility that enables artists and audio professionals In Saskatchewan to create, capture and release music. Everyday. 


In fact, despite things being a bit pandemic-y, in 2020 we enabled over 3500 hours of creative time.

Interested in joining the fun? Well for starters we encourage making as much noise as you need. Our facility is designed to allow you and your music to start off being flat, sharp, off-time and loud AF without waking any neighbours.

Once you have things taking shape, come down the hall and work with resident recording engineers and producers to determine the best launch strategy to fit your vision, schedule and budget.


Wake up ZERO neighbours in Saskatoon's favourite

multi-studio rehearsal facility.


Need multiple live rooms to calibrate your touring rig? We've got you covered.

Film a live studio performance and pull pristine audio back into the control room to pair up with your visual masterpiece!

Recording + Mixing

Our professionally engineered control room is the perfect place to ensure all tracking, edits and mixes are of the highest quality. The gear, mics, and the in-house crew will help remove any technical barriers. Toss in some non-pretentious vibes and you’re armed with a recipe for creating amazing things.


Get in Touch


1-1607 Garfield St 

Saskatoon, SK


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